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Case studies.

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Here you may read more about some of Parans’ projects and what the Parans light has contributed to.

Lund University

Brighter Days for Academics in Lund!

This windowless meeting room, located between two corridors was from start doomed to artificial lighting. It was therefore no surprice that the heads of the faculty were delighted to find a solution in Parans. Now, the days of gloomy meetings and seminars are over as Parans light bathe the large table and surrounding seats with healthy fullspectrum sunlight!

Operating in this building is the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - a faculty of Lund University. Not only will the Parans system ensure wellness for the students and staff, moreover it serves as a healthy example of a success story – Parans was born at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship as a project and now serves satisfied customers throughout the globe.

Sweden Green Tech Building

The Sweden Green Tech Building, with its central location in the heart of Stockholm city, is perfectly placed to become the Green Meeting Centre for Swedish green technology - the Stockholm City Hall, the Ministries, the Swedish Government Offices, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Central Station are all within easy walking distance.

The Building itself is home to an impressive showcase area in which our partners are able to present their green technologies in a unique collection of exhibitions, all under the one roof. Visitors to the Centre are thus able to quickly and pedagogically gain an overview of Sweden’s unique competences in the areas of energy technology and environmental technology.

Parans was invited to bring both sunlight and a unique technology to the building. Since April 2009 and one year forward, Parans Solar Lighting brought sunlight to one of the conference rooms. The healthy sunlight increases productivity and alertness during meetings throughout the day.

Radiology Department, Södertälje hospital

Well aware of lacking natural light in some rooms, Södertälje Hospital did not hesitate when Parans offered to add solar light to dark areas.

“Everybody gets happy when the sun shines in”
– Rolf Skuncke, Head of the Radiology Department.

Typically, hospitals are large buildings where many work places lack natural light. The radiology department at Södertälje Hospital lies deep inside the building where no natural light would normally reach. Parans’ solution was to bring sunlight from the south facing facade where Parans Solar Panels collect sunlight and focus it into optical fibers. The optical fibers are ducted to the radiology department where luminaires of the type L1 Small emits the healthy sunlight, as can be seen in the photo to the right.

Before, the staff worked long hours in the static, yet flickering, electrical lighting. Natural light on the other hand, synchronizes body clocks, which controls alertness and tiredness. A body clock in sync, makes us alert during the day and sleep well at night. This is one explanation to why some people suffer from SAD during winter time when natural light is scarce.

The solution is now at hand!

Wisby Strand & Event, Congress Hall

Wise decisions can only be made by balanced minds, present in time and space.

Sunlight adjusts crucial hormon balances in our bodies that synchronizes our body
clocks and improves our well-being. A part of turning Wisby Strand into an important meeting place was creating an environment where people’s well-being comes first. A building filled with healthy light.

Wisby Strand is one of the most modern meeting- and congress facilities in Europe. The congress hall itself seats 1021 persons and has a stage that can be adapted for lectures, theatre or music. This hall is accessed by climbing a wide staircase in the lobby to the balcony on the second floor.

Since the large entrance has glass facades in three directions, the natural light level here is very high. On the balcony however, only a fraction of this natural light reaches, which creates a large contrast making the balcony feel even gloomier. Thanks to the Parans system that illuminates the balcony with sunlight, this contrast is balanced. and the good feeling from sunlight is kept all the way.

This installation employs luminaires L1 (M), used complementary with the existing lighting. The Parans L1:s are light and transparent; a unique design reaching fulfilment when filled with sunlight. They are visible already when entering the building, attracting the visitor’s attention to the upper floor.

Technical Museum of Malmö

Museums show us more than just the past. At least the Museum of Technology in Malmö that lights up the way to the future with sunlight from Parans.

“The Parans System is an important step towards a sustainable city”
– Johan Larsson, Facility and Energy Manager, Malmö City Properties.

The purpose of this installation is threefold. First, the brightness and vividness achieved, creates an inviting and healthy atmosphere. Further, the technological principle behind the product has become part of the museum’s showcase. Here, it is as much a source of inspiration as it is educational. Third, the installation saves electrical energy consumption by reducing artificial lighting and its resulting needs for cooling off excess heat. This perfectly demonstrates an effort from the client to turn to environmentally sustainable solutions. Something that becomes increasingly important year after year.

Apartment in Stockholm

Lack of natural light where you live is not optimal. A lot of buildings can not provide sufficient natural light for their habitants, due to bad location or other reasons.

The owners of this apartment in Stockholm found it was a great idea to install Parans light on a sunny facade and channel the light into a luminaire to be able to enjoy sunlight despite a disadvantageous location. The outcome was a vibrant indoor environment and a shimmering sense of sunlight.

Since Parans light was commercialized in 2004 many installations has been made throughout the world and of different nature. Below is a selection of them:

  • University of Gothenburg - School of business, economics and law, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • South Bank University, London, UK
  • Commercial building, Spain
  • Private house, Kina
  • Residential of the Southkorean president, Southkorea
  • Husläkarna i Kungsbacka, Sweden
  • Villa Leonidas, UK
  • HQ Hotel, Toronto, Canada
  • Medieval Palace, Florens, Italy
  • Triburon, San Fransisco, USA
  • LDA, Long Beach, USA
  • Villa Montgomery
  • EnvironCenter, USA
  • Villa Guocoland, Singapore, China
  • Tenant Brf Tången 12, Stockholm, Sweden
  • St Margrets Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  • Cotton Tee Drive, Hong Kong, China
  • Parkeringshus, Cork, Ireland
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Södertälje Hospital, Sweden
  • 400 år year old building, Valletta, Malta
  • m.fl.
  • House of Research, Wien, Austria
  • Habana Outpost, New York, USA
  • Blanchére, France
  • Villa Trastevere, Rom, Italy
  • Psykologmottagning, Barcelona, Spain
  • Edinburgh University, UK
  • Wisby Strand, Sweden
  • Technical Museum, Malmö, Sweden
  • Ikea, Billbao, Spain
  • m.fl.