Understand the effect of the Paranslight


Through innovative technology and design, the intelligent solar collectors follow the sun during the day, just like a sunflower. The collectors, SP4 system, are modular and expandable and can meet your need for sunlight in the best possible way.


Fibre optic cables transport the sunlight in and through the property for 100 meters while retaining both light quality and luminosity.


All people in every room , even deep into the building, can experience the sunlight's healthy fullspectrum light. The sunlight can be spread in a variety of ways to create the light experience you desire.

The animation of the principle sketch shows how the sun moves over the city, from sunrise to sunset. The rays of the sun reach the receivers of the Parans systems on the roof. The university building (left building) gets sunlight first. The receivers follow the sun during the day to catch all sun hours of the day. Through fibre optic cables sunlight is transported in and through the building which is lit up by Paranslight: healthy sunlight via the Parans system. Rooms deep into buildings and far away from windows may flood in sunlight. Then, the Paranslight lit up the hospital (centre building) and underground area with metro. And then the sunlight reaches the office building (right building).

The Parans system bring the sunlight not only to one area, room or floor, but to every room and on every floor in the buildings. The people working, learning and recovering in the buildings could achieve better, learn better and faster and feel better by staying in healthy natural light indoors.

Bring the sunlight in - every hour of sun - from sunrise to sunset...

Like a sunflower, the Parans system follows the sun and bring each precious sun hour into the building.