SUNLIGHT is important for us humans. We feel better, learn better and faster, achieve better and become more productive - we SUCCEED BETTER. Many people spend an essential part of their day indoors and do not experience the HEALTHY NATURAL LIGHT. Through INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN the Parans system follow the sun during the day, like a sunflower. Fibre optic cables transport the sunlight in and through the property and spread the light in all rooms. This way sunlight can be experienced deep into buildings and far away from windows. Everyone should have the right to sunlight - now everyone can have it! The fourth generation Paranslight bring the sunlight 30 FLOORS DOWN.


Through innovative technology and design, the intelligent solar collectors follow the sun during the day, just like a sunflower. The collectors, SP4 system, are modular and expandable and can meet your need for sunlight in the best possible way.


Fibre optic cables transport the sunlight in and through the property for 100 meters while retaining both light quality and luminosity.


All people in every room , even deep into the building, can experience the sunlight's healthy fullspectrum light. The sunlight can be spread in a variety of ways to create the light experience you desire.

With Parans you will get a happier environment, employees and financial departments

Naturligt solljus

The sunlight affect us humans positive - both health and well-being.


Green technology - the sun is the light source.

Höjer fastighetsvärdet

Let every room in a property become equal attractive and rentable by adding sunlight.

Moduluppbyggt och utbyggbart

Start with providing sunlight to one conference room and end up with the entire office. Från floor 1 to floor 30.

Some statistics

Advantages with sunlight in numbers.

the customers' OPINIONS!

Here you could read some of our customers' experience of the Parans light.

Mette Pettersson: Erséus Arkitekter, Sweden

For this project: The student house Frescati, we chose the Parans light because we wanted to transport the light deep into the building. The building has a green profile. It is environmental certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver (Swedish). Therefore it was a great experience working with an innovative solution suitable for this.

Björn Isvi: WSP, Sweden
Project Manager for Växjö Learning Center

If it had not been for the Parans system it would not have been possible to design the facilities to perform the type of business that now is being performed.

Darla van Essen: Presbyterian/St. Luke´s medical center, USA
Hospital administrator

Using no electricity, they created beautiful, healthy natural sunlight. I'm very happy with the results.

Lennart Sandhall: Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden
Senior Physician

We appreciate the sunlight we get through the Paranssystem. It gives us a clear connection to the outside. If the sun is shining, we are almost able to set the clock according to how the light is shifting.