Case study: University, Sweden

Parans Solar Lighting creates unique indoor environments where the natural variation of outdoor sunlight is unlimited.

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Case study


Working and learning in natural light is not only pleasant and beautiful, but also plays a crucial role in keeping our minds alert and our bodies in balance. Spaces that lack windows, such as rooms situated several floors down - are not always pleasant. How can we change that?

Just like the sunflower, the Parans receiver follows the sun during all daylight hours. Harvesting its precious light, the Parans system then brings the natural sunlight far into buildings and without destroying valuable floor space with light shafts. It allows us to stay in touch wiht the outdoors and acess important sunlight, even when we need to stay inside.


Sunlight is captured by Parans receivers on the outside of the building. Fibre optical cables transfer the sunlight through the building's structure and into the indoor environment. Inside, natural sunlight flows out of the simply designed Parans luminaires...