Case study: Södertälje Hospital, Sweden

Natural light was brought into the inner rooms of Södertälje Hospital using the Parans system.

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Case study


The radiology department at Södertälje Hospital was, like many workplaces, lacking access to daylight. The placement in the centre of a large building made it impossible to install windows in all rooms, and the people occupying the rooms did not get enough sunlight.


On ine of the facades, a Parans receiver was placed to harvest natural sunlight. The light was then transported abou then meters into the massive building, through the thin Parans cables. Inside, a series of L1 luminaires distribute the light and keep the staff in touch with the outside world. The can experience the change of weather and the passing of the day, even without windows.

"The result is brilliant", says Rolf Skuncke, chief physician at the radiology department at Södertälje Hospital.