Idea cases

Experience the sunlight solutions through interaction.

Everyone thrives in sunlight, but the most of us spend 90% of our time awake indoors. Often we sit deep into the building, far away from windows. We are prevented to be exposed of healthy natural light. Well-being and health are affected negatively and we do not perform as well as we could.


The common areas are often placed in the central parts of the building where natural light does not reach. Long meetings without natural light will not be as productive as they could.


The typical deep hospital building has many corridors and other rooms that gives a limited connection with the outside world. Recovery and pain relief will not be as effective as it could be if natural light is added to the environment.


In class rooms, often with windows in direct connection, the sun visors folds down when the sun apertures the teachers and students and the room gets dark, or a part of the class room is very bright and the other one very dark.

Via the Parans system with thin, flexible cables you are able to get sunlight far from windows and deep into the building where the sunlight from windows cannot reach. With the Parans system you are also able to balance the light dynamic in the room with light from the windows. As common as it is to have windows along the facade and that way bring in the natural light, as common it could be to have sunlight via a Parans system deeper in into the building.

The sunlight could be spread in a variety of ways in different environments. We choose to show the ways we believe are the most natural ways to spread the sunlight indoors:

  • point light – spreads the sunlight over a huge surface.
  • shaft light – the sunlight is spread in a shaft which gives an illusion of the light coming down via an open shaft.
  • wall light – the light is spread over a larger wall area like a water fall - or in Parans' case - like a light fall.

Which light experience suits you the best?