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Sunlight is important for humans.

Parans Solar Lighting offers sunlight for indoor environments through innovative technology and design. The system captures and leads the rays of the sun in and through the property – deep into buildings and far away from windows – and spreads the light in a way giving you a memorable experience.

Parans, which developed the technology, turns mainly to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide.

Business Concept

Parans will promote and sell, by Parans developed, innovative and energy efficient systems making sunlight available in every room and increase the human capital efficiency and well-being.


Sunlight in every room.

Everything begun in 2003

Parans was founded in 2003. The first version of Parans’ patented technology, the Parans system, was commercialized in 2004. The technology was developed through extensive R&D in collaboration with Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The founders of Parans had a strong passion for innovation and how technology could improve the world, but also how you could use the nature as inspiration to develop the technology; like a sunflower following the sun during the day using the sun maximum to prosper. The Parans system was conceived from a desire to improve the possibility of bringing sunlight into classrooms and to improve the indoor environment. There were also a desire to help the construction industry to use materials effectively in the construction of large buildings, without compromising the amount of natural light in the building.

Today when the world aim to reduce its footprint, Parans’ solution is more topical than ever. To use the sun as a light source is healthy, sustainable and smart.

We have today our fourth product generation – SP4 – on the market, with the ability to lead the sunlight 100 meter in and through a building. This means 30 floors down. We turn mainly to property owners, architects and larger employers worldwide.

The company is quoted on the Swedish stock exchange list Spotlight Stock Market.

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Parans has received several awards throughout the years. Here are some of them: