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Parans Solar Lighting (PARA)

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Issue offering with start on November 26th

Welcome to take part of the issue offering between November 26-December 10 2018. Below you will find all information (in Swedish).

Interview with Parans' CEO Anders Koritz

Analyst Group has interviewed Parans’ CEO. Hear the interview (in Swedish).


Parans’ CEO Anders Koritz held a presentation at “Stora Aktiedagen” in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 26, 2018. Earlier this autumn he has also presented the company at Aktiedagen in Gothenburg on September 24th and at Teknikdagen at Chalmers in Gothenburg on October 24th. You may watch the presentations below.

Investor Exhibition Aktiedagen, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 26th 2018
Investor Exhibition Aktiedagen Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept 24th 2018
Teknikdagen at Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct 24th, Sweden

Annual General Meeting

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