California Lighting Technology Center ready to start testing

2020-01-31 15:10 CET Pressrelease


This newsletter is based on the newsletter published in Swedish on January 30th, 2020 The reputable light and daylight research institute California Lighting Technology Center in California has installed Parans light in its facilities, for testing and evaluation according to national standard in the US.


California Lighting Technology Center (”CLTC”), a part of the University of California Davis, is a non-profit research, development and demonstration facility dedicated to, among others, accelerating the development and commercialization of energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies. CLTC will commence the tests of the Parans system in their research environment.

In conjunction with the finalization of the installation, performed in co-operation with Huvco Daylighting Solutions, a delegation from California Energy Commission (”CEC”), a power company from Sonoma County and Frontier Energy visited the site to inspect the system. Parans has during a longer period been in dialogue with CEC regarding performing tests within Sonoma County, but in consultation it has been decided to perform the tests at CLTC instead. CEC will take an active role and monitor the tests continuously. CEC has an important role due to the task to create different forms of incentive structures for the implementation of energy saving technologies in California the coming years.   

With CLTC, as a well-established and well-known research institute, performing the tests, Parans receives an objective national evaluation of the system's performance. The tests will give the Parans system high credibility on the Californian market, as throughout the US. As stated  in press release (dated November 11, 2019), there are several more interested in the evaluation of CLTC and in buying a Parans system after the tests have been completed.  

- We are also looking forward to get the results of CLTC’s tests which will benefit us on the US market, says Anders Koritz, CEO at Parans. Only in California it has been set aside more than 1 billion USD to support the implementation of green technology. As I have said before, the benefits are several, we will get results from a credible institute, there is concrete potential in increased sales and it will strengthen our position and provide even better conditions for the distributor that will be established after the Californian partner search is completed via Business Sweden.

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