Agreement with the world-leading digital information management platform - BIMObject - Parans reach 1.8 million architects globally

2020-03-20 16:28 CET Pressrelease


This press release is based on the press release published in Swedish on March 20, 2020. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used in construction projects worldwide and is the global standard for digital information management. Parans chooses to invest in the digital journey and today enters into an agreement with BIMObject, which is the world's largest digital content management system for BIM objects and gives Parans the opportunity to reach 1.8 million architects worldwide.  

Images: Parans and BIMObject (two to the right)

In order for Parans to reach the architects and specifiers, for which Parans' solution is world-unique, Parans' solutions need to be easy available digitally. A BIM object is a digital copy of a manufactured product that can easily be placed by, for example, architects in drawing environments in the design process. Parans has today chosen to start a collaboration with BIMObject, a world leader in this area to meet the demands of the architects in their work process. BIMObject currently has 1.8 million users globally with 45 million downloads per year. In addition to providing the 3D format of the product, it is possible to add all relevant information about lighting de-sign proposals, design, maintenance and more.

By digitizing the construction process, the construction sector can contribute to major sustainable benefits by selecting the right material from the beginning in the design phase and secure that the product is also used in the construction phase. This simplifies compliance with, for example, the climate requirements and environmental certification requirements that may exist in the projects.

During Parans' participation in the BIMObject Live conference in early March, the picture was confirmed how reputable companies use the services and what basis the platform is to reach the architects and specifiers.

- We are extremely glad to sign an agreement with Parans Solar Lighting to help them reach out with their digital copies of their products and their product information to architects and specifiers worldwide, says Magnus Karlsson at BIMObject. We have 1,800 suppliers today and all the major architectural firms around the world use our services. We have 450 million views every year.

- Our new partnership with world-leading BIMObject offers great potential for Parans, says Fredrik Johansson, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Parans. We have a strategy to be "on every architects mind" and it is of great importance for us to be able to reach out and offer our products in 3D format in the drawing environments where our architects and specifiers are located. Through this platform we gain both a new effective marketing channel, but we also become more relevant and give architects and specifiers the simplicity of being able to access the right information about our products and specify them at the right phase of their work process. In our main markets such as the US, the Middle East, Asia and Southern Europe, the use of BIMObject is high, which means that we also help our partners generate leads and will also be able to offer them services in this regard. We hope that our products will be available on BIMObject by mid-year.




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