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Natural sunlight plays a vital role in creating a healthy environment for us humans in our everyday life. However, most of us spend most of our daytime indoors, without being exposed to the sun, and hence, missing out of these valuable benefits. With Parans solutions we could bring sunlight 30 floors down from the roof top and far away from window.


Perhaps it is time to team up with Parans?


Right now we are looking closer at companies for Partnership in Italy Spain and France.


  •                                                                                           What companies and persons are we looking for?
  • We believe that the persons behind the companies:
  • – Are committed and have interest in and knowledge about advantages and difficulties with daylight indoor, sustainability issues and/or energy savings for buildings.

– Have knowledge and an established network within the real estate and construction industry regarding commercial buildings or within the hospital or educational building sectors. Relationships/contacts with architectslight designers and organizations, but also with end customers.
– Are familiar with environmental certifications programssuch as WELL Building Standard, LEED and BREEAM.
– Are skilled in the field of advanced customer solutions and technology
– Are proficient in installingconfiguring and selling hi-tech software and hardware

 “Sunlight is important for humans. This is no new fact, but we understand more and more how the lack of poor lighting indoors affect us. Light and air quality have recently been highlighted as important factors to achieve a good indoor environment and workplace wellness. Workplace wellness will give high-performance employees, which in the end will be good for companies’ bottom line. With the global urbanization and with generation Z becoming a larger part of the work force, the demands for sustainable solutions and digital integrations will be even higher, and so will the demands on our indoor environment be. Using Parans green technology rime well when we all need to think about energy consumption and using fossil free energy sources. Green buildings is the future. Good for the environment, good for the people and good for the business. We would like to work with Partners who support this.” 

“Close working relationships have always been very important to us. Partnering with Parans Solar Lighting combines all of the advantages of local knowledge and industry-specific insights with the wealth of experience and universal support of an industry leading innovator. As a Parans partner, you’ll be playing a crucial role in the development of Parans. But also in the promotion of both your and our brand. Every time you interact with a customer on behalf of Parans, no matter how briefly, it will have an impact on the way the world sees us. Consequently, the stronger the Parans brand becomes, the more value it can bring to your business. It’s a win-win situation. The key to achieving this is trust, consistent and reliable communication. If you feel triggered, please fill out the form below.”

                                                                                Christian Lindström                                                David Leff-Hallstein

                                                             International Sales Manager EMEA                       International Sales Manager Asia

Christian & David