Private Home in the countryside, France

2012-08-01 Case

In Aulnay, in the French countryside, sunlight is brought into the kitchen of this private home.


The kitchen of this countryside home needed more natural light and the owners had decided to install a Parans system. As the roof could not be used, the challenge for this installation was to find a place for the SP3 collector, in a garden full of greenery, it needed an elevated place to access the sun from .


Using the flexible Parans cables, the installation did not have to be made from the top down. In a sunny corner of the garden, an elevated wooden base was built for the receiver. A conduit was then buried under the lawn, to bring the Parans cables underground and then up into the kitchen. Inside the room, both L3 Spotlights* and an L1 Small luminaire are used to illuminate the work surface and the stove. Parans Solar Lighting provided a flexible solution to solve the daylight problem.

(* At the time for the installation a version of the luminaire Point Light, called L3 Spotlight, was used.)