Why Parans Solar Lighting is a profitable investment - Let´s figure it out!

Even though the long-term benefits of exposure to natural light are well known, the understanding of how it differs from artificial light may vary. What is the definition of full spectral daylight? And what source, besides the sun, is the most efficient to provide it?

To get a better picture of this, the interactive chart below illustrates relative spectral power distribution and allows a visual comparison between 7 different light sources. (For best experience of the chart use a desktop.) Knowing and understanding these differences enables smarter decisions when it comes to indoor lighting investments. Not only does Parans Solar Lighting improve the health and wellbeing of those exposed to it, it also increases property value up to 7.5%. Go figure!

What conclusions can be drawn from the chart? For a full guide on how to use and interpret the tool, please download your free copy of our ”Go figure”-guide below.

The guide also states:

– Why natural light is more healthy than electrical light
– Why studies suggest natural light improves efficiency – and sales!
– Why Parans solar lighting provides better color rendering than electrical light
– Why Parans lighting is a more sustainable and energy efficient solution

Download Go Figure Guide